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The Lazio coast north of Rome

Do you feel like a day at the beach or tasting the Lazio coast's best seafood offerings? North of Rome there are several places that worth visiting if you want to have a pleasant day by the sea. Here are the locations we recommend to the north of the city.


Rome's nearest coastal location is very popular during the high season, especially for young people and families. Places like Fregene and Maccarese are particularly convenient with their many bars and restaurants, and there are various kinds of events held in the summer. The sea may not be the best that you can find, but for a quick beach escape it's definitely the place to go.

Marina di San Nicola

Marina di San Nicola is an oasis of peace and tranquillity about 40 kilometres from Rome, full of beautiful villas but also of interest to visitors just dropping by for a day at the beach. You'll also find one of the most popular beaches for Lazio's surfers.

Santa Severa

At Santa Severa you can see something really unique: a stunning medieval castle right on the beach. You visit the Castle of Santa Severa too and see its interesting museum complex, as well as its 40-bed hotel. To the right of the castle there's a long, white, sandy beach, with several bars and restaurants; on the left, by contrast, there's a wilder beach with dark sand, appreciated by naturists.

Santa Marinella

One of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the northern Lazio coast, full of sandy and rocky coves, calm sea beaches perfect for families, and beaches with rougher seas that surfers will adore. We recommend diving down with goggles to enjoy the clean seabed and marine life. The local restaurants will also be on hand to provide excellent marine specialities such as spaghetti with clams or fried seafood, straight from the sea with zero kilometres travelled.

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